At Chain of Hope we have a number of boards, committees and panels, served by highly qualified professionals to help regulate and advise on the services and operations that we run, from the doctors who assess children's medical data to the social workers who carry out child protection checks.

Medical Board

The Chain of Hope Medical Board meets on a monthly basis to review the cases of children who require urgent treatment. They work closely with our International Child Referral Programme to try to help as many children as possible who are unable to access treatment in their countries. This board is composed of the following renowned physicians who go on to operate themselves on many of the children they accept:

  • Dr Aaron Bell
  • Dr Alan Magee
  • Dr Gavin Wright
  • Dr Kuberan Pushparajah
  • Dr Mike Rigby
  • Dr Piers Daubeney
  • Dr Rachel Andrews – Co-Chair
  • Dr Robert Yates
  • Dr Rodney Franklin
  • Dr Zdenek Slavik
  • Mr Daryl Shore
  • Mr Francois Lacour-Gayet
  • Mr Hideki Uemura
  • Mr Olivier Ghez
  • Mr Olivier Ghez
  • Ms Carin Van Doorn
  • Professor John Deanfield
  • Professor Marc de Leval
  • Professor Shakeel Qureshi – Chair
  • Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub OM, FRS
  • Professor Victor Tsang

Nursing Board

Our Nursing Board meets regularly to discuss the ongoing training of nurses in our international programmes. This Board works with our Overseas Operations Team to develop and implement training programmes for nurses in the centres where Chain of Hope is building up the local infrastructure. The Nursing Board recruit and screen all applications from nurses who would like to join a Chain of Hope mission or project. These inspirational nurse educators include:

  • Miss Jackie O’Neill
  • Mrs Lynda Shaughnessy
  • Ms Julie Plumridge
  • Ms Katie Scales
  • Ms Kirsteen McCulloch
  • Ms Maura O’Callaghan

Biomedical engineer committee

Biomedical Engineers are the team of experts who support and fix the equipment that is essential in complex heart surgery. The Biomedical Engineer Committee advise our Overseas Operations team on which machines are the most effective and efficient so that Chain of Hope can supply hospitals and cardiac centres in the developing world with the best possible equipment. The Committee then trains local biomedical engineers in strategies of preventative maintenance in order to provide better long term sustainable systems that prevent equipment being broken or unused. This ensures the centres are as sustainable as possible, and that the surgical team have the equipment necessary to carry out life-saving operations.

Our Biomedical Engineer group is led by Yoseph Mebrate, lead technician at The Royal Brompton Hospital. Our Biomedical Engineer Committee includes:

  • Mr Gerald Williams
  • Mr Steven Philips
  • Mr Yoseph Mebrate
  • Ms Sonya Sireau

Children’s Issues Group

Chain of Hope works with very vulnerable children and as such, we take the issues of child protection very seriously. As well as training all of our staff members in child protection, this group meets quarterly to advise on all issues relating to the children.

These dedicated advisors are:

  • Mrs Mo O'Reilly
  • Mr Tom Narducci

Host Family Panel

The purpose of the Host Family Panel is to make recommendations to Chain of Hope about applications to become a Host Family. The independent panel considers an assessment report completed by an experienced social worker. The report includes information on the prospective Host Family’s motivation, lifestyle, availability, and any relevant experience.

The panel members are a small, diverse group of people with a range of skills. Expertise and knowledge within the panel ranges from paediatric nursing, family placement social work, and personal experience of cardiac surgery or foster care.

  • Mo O’Reilly (Chair)
  • Andy Sayers (Assessing Social Worker)
  • Tom Narducci
  • Maura O’Callaghan
  • Seium Tsegai
  • Lisa Yacoub
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