Festive Fun!

Click HERE to buy tickets for our Carol Concert on 11th December.

Featuring Stephen K Amos, Jeffrey Archer and other celebrity guests at the St Marylebone Parish Church, NW1 5LT.

Tickets are £20 for adults and £10 for children. 

372 Cardiac Procedures conducted in 2017-18.

This and more highlights of our achievements in the last year available now.

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Life-Saving Heart Operations for Children

Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub, OM, founded Chain of Hope in 1996.

Find out more about the surgeons who save lives.

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15 million children

die or remain severely ill every year through potentially treatable or preventable cardiac diseases

Help to make a change today

Saving children’s lives

Thousands of children overseas are dying needlessly from treatable heart diseases. We have a chain of volunteer surgeons and medical teams ready to provide the urgent medical care they desperately need - but we need you to complete the chain. Your support can help fund immediate life saving surgery and establish vital cardiac services in developing countries.

Donate now to the Chain of Hope

Become a link in the chain that gives hope to children by donating and making a lasting impact

Donate Now

Watch us mending little hearts

Life-saving operations

Find out about how we treat individual children from developing countries with heart disease at centres of excellence worldwide

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Where we work

Chain of Hope helps children around the world and is supporting the development of cardiac services in numerous developing countries

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How you can help

You can make a lasting difference to the lives of these children by donating, volunteering your time or your expertise or by getting your company to support us

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