Chain of Hope links experts together around the world to bring life-saving heart treatments to children in developing and war-torn countries.

Message from our founder, Sir Magdi Yacoub

It is a little known fact that 1 child in every 100 is born with a heart defect. Most of these defects can be corrected by operations which are performed as a matter of routine in the developed world. In contrast, if uncorrected these defects can cause considerable suffering and premature death. This afflicts a massive number of children around the world.

Chain of Hope was created to help as many of these children as possible. This is accomplished by flying children for urgent treatment to one of the hospitals in our international network and also by sending volunteer teams to their countries to help develop local services in the longer term.

I feel privileged to be a link in the chain that helps these children

Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub - President and Founder Chain of Hope

Chain of Hope is only able to help so many children in need thanks to the dedication of our international network of renowned cardiac professionals and to the generosity of our donors. From our Trustee Board to our valued volunteers, we are incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated wealth of expertise.

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