At Chain of Hope we are delighted to enjoy the support of lots of famous faces who are passionate about helping children with heart disease in developing countries to get the treatment and care that they so desperately need. Our Ambassadors include: Rupert Everett, Omid Djalili, Alexandra Burke, Ulrika Jonsson, Robert Pires, Lemar Obika, Jessica Lemarie-Pires, Colin Salmon, Fiona Hawthorne, Chris Eubank Jr, Kimberley Garner and Felicity Kendal.

A few words from our Ambassadors

I’ve been inspired to become an ambassador for Chain of Hope, because the sport I love is all about heart, it is the most important thing a fighter can have, a big heart, a strong heart, the will to keep going. So, watching these kids who were born with a hole in the heart go through life, struggling and then recover so well because of the help of Chain of Hope, that’s an amazing thing to me.

Chris Eubank Jr, Professional Boxer

Chain of Hope does an incredibly valuable job, treating children with life-threatening heart disease in developing countries. I am delighted to be a link in the chain, alongside many dedicated medics and committed supporters, as together we help to save the lives of these children.

Felicity Kendal, Actress

Chain of Hope does fantastic work giving hope and a chance through life-saving operations to hundreds of young children who have no no prospect of helping themselves.

Konnie Huq, TV presenter

When anybody has a talent and a skill like Sir Magdi and all the people who work with him, and they take it to places where they really don’t have those skills and they share that knowledge and understanding and that hope, it’s a priority that we support.

Colin Salmon, Actor

One of the most extraordinary charities that we have in Great Britain. It’s a very important thing to do. Chain of Hope gives them hope.

Omid Djalili, Comedian

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