Give in Memory

‘In memory’ donations are a positive way to celebrate a life whilst helping Chain of Hope to make a difference to the lives of future generations.

Long after the flowers have faded, donations made in memory of a loved one live on. They allow us to keep providing cardiac care to children around the world who might not otherwise have access to the treatment they so desperately need. 

In memory of:

Maysoon Kubba

Mary Soliman

Grace May Cutler

18. 06. 03 - 22.01.05

“Some broken hearts can’t be mended"

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Mudhaffer Al-jawadi

Noor Al-jawadi

Messages from of our memorial donors

In memory of my family: Maysoon Kubba, Mudhaffer Al-jawadi and Noor Al-jawadi.

May GOD bless your souls all, till we meet, I promise you all (Mum, Dad and sister) to make you all remembered in the best way you deserve.

M. Al-Jawadi

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