The impact of your monthly gift during the COVID19 pandemic

An estimated 90% of the world's children do not have access to the urgent heart treatment they desperately need. The pandemic has left even more children without access to cardiac care. This year there are so many children across the world waiting for the treatment they require to survive.

Monthly donations, no matter the size, help us save children's lives. 

Give £5 a month

£5 a month could help us fund PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for frontline workers in some developing countries.

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Give £10 a Month

£10 ​a month, for a year, will fund travel expenses for a child to get to a Covid-19 testing and heart screening centre.

Set up a £10 regular donation

Give £55 a month

£55 a month could help fund a COVID test for a different child each month, in a country where testing is inadequate.

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Where Every £1 Goes

Every pound that you donate to us will make a difference to children suffering from heart disease in developing countries. See where every penny from every pound you donate goes:

*Graphic is based on 2017/18 expenditure

More ways to help

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