Written by Oroyo Eubanks 5th April 2023

March Cardiac Catheterisation Mission to Jamaica - 9 Children treated

In March, Chain of Hope led a volunteer medical team to Jamaica to conduct a cardiac catheterisation mission in the dedicated paediatric cardiac centre in Kingston.

The international volunteer medical team was led by Dr Robert Yates and worked alongside the local cardiac team at the Jamaica Children's Heart Centre.

At the end of the four day mission, nine children were treated. Seven received interventional Catheterisation operations and two had diagnostic procedures.

This mission was supported by Gift of Life International, Chain of Hope Jamaica and Abbott.

Below are some of the children treated during this mission.

Kalesia, Three Years old

Kalesia lives in rural Jamaica with family and has one sibling. She enjoys watching cartoons and playing games on her tablet. At nine months old, she was diagnosed with a large hole in her heart and showed symptoms such as blue lips when crying. Her parents are hopeful this procedure will help to change her life.

Aria, Five years old

Aria is one of three children. She enjoys eating cornflakes and playing games. Her parents noticed she was not feeding well and that she had regular periods of shortness of breath after playing. When she was diagnosed with heart disease, her parents became very concerned about her future. Today the family is happy that Dr Yates helped to mend her heart.

Omar, 13 years old

Omar is one of five children for his parents. He enjoys playing video games and doing math. He was diagnosed last year with small Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) however he did not display any obvious symptoms with his heart condition. Learning of his heart condition has caused stress on the family, however they remained hopeful and are thankful he had this life-saving procedure.

Karlea, Four Years old

Karlea lives with her sister and parents. For fun, Karlea enjoys watching her tablet, reading and playing games. She was diagnosed with a large PDA from birth, and experienced symptoms such as shortness of breath and being unable to play for long periods. Learning of this diagnosis has caused much stress and worry in her family and so the family is relieved that her heart is finally mended.

Fantasia, 12 years old

Fantasia is one of five children for her parents. She enjoys food and enjoys cooking in her spare time. She was diagnosed with her heart defect at birth which resulted in her experiencing regular symptoms such as shortness of breath. This diagnosis has caused added stress on family, travelling to and fro from the doctor and hospital. Fantasia and her family are happy about her catheterisation procedure so she can have a better chance at life.

Zaiden, Two years old

Zaiden is from a large family of 10 living in Kingston. For fun, he enjoys playing with his football, watching cartoons, listening to music and dancing. He was diagnosed with holes in his heart when he was just three month old.

This procedure will help Zaiden to breathe normally and play without getting easily tired.

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