20th July 2015

In Jamaica for a Conference with our Founder

So I had to share this…

This morning I rang Prof’s room but there was no answer, so thought I’ll walk down to the beach in front of the hotel we’re in and go for a quick swim, and see if I can see him in his room or on his balcony or if he’s swimming... Trying to shake off the memories of last night when we had some horrid calls after an Arabic news station falsely released a report that he had passed away.

I was just about to get a sneaky dip into the Caribbean Sea (since we’re here), before a long day, when I hear him saying 'Emma where have you been? I’ve been walking, swimming and looking at the programme… we need to meet this guy from Chicago and let's go and have breakfast - we need to get to work!’

To which I replied 'Prof it's 6.45am the breakfast isn't open yet but give me 10 mins and I’ll be with you’…

True to form Prof is more alive and more energetic than most of the world put together!!!

There’s no stopping Professor Yacoub... and so starts my day :-)

Category: Press

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