Written by Oroyo Eubanks 26th April 2023

Chain of Hope seeks Honorary Treasurer to join Board of Trustees

Are you a qualified accountant with experience of working with charities? Would you be able to volunteer a day per month to help the Finance Manager oversee the Charity’s financial health and controls, to help it to carry out its duties and objectives of helping children with heart disease?

The role would largely support and oversee the Finance Function in the Charity by supporting the Finance manager with the preparation of annual financial statements, statutory requirements and monitoring management accounts with our Finance Committee. As a  member of the Board, the Treasurer would play a key part in identifying and monitoring risks to the Charity and would sit on the risk committee.

A quarterly report to the Board on the financial health would be expected as well as intermittent ‘mentorship’ and guidance to our Finance and management team.

Key responsibilities:

  • Oversee all financial aspects of the charity, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, to ensure its short and long-term viability
  • Assist the chair, other honorary officers and the Chief Executive in ensuring that the Board of Trustees fulfils its duties and responsibilities in the financial governance of the charity.

Duties and tasks to fulfil the key responsibilities

 In partnership with the Chief Executive, Finance Manager and Director of Operations:

  • Ensure that the charity operates within the financial guidelines set out in current legislation, by the Charity Commission, in the Charity’s constitution, Company Law and by the Trustee Board.
  • Ensure that the charity has adequate financial  controls and that these are monitored and reviewed regularly by the Finance Group.
  • Support and provide guidance and oversight to the Finance Manager with the compilation of year end financial statements and accounts.
  • Support the CEO and Finance Manager (FM) in the on-going financial operations of the charity and attend  monthly Finance Group meetings with CEO, FM and DOO.
  • Report to the board of Trustees quarterly on the financial results and position of the charity and identify and bring to the attention of the board, any financial risks facing the charity
  • Ensure that the charity’s financial resources are sufficient to meet the charity’s current and future, advise the board on the reserves policy, and  ensure that this policy is reviewed and monitored regularly  and ensure that surplus funds are invested carefully with a market return.
  • Oversee the accounting for restricted funds and ensure that funding received for specific purposes is separately accounted for and spent for the purposes for which it was given.

To assist the Chair and CEO with:

  • Ensuring that the board of trustees fulfils its duties and responsibilities for the proper financial governance of the charity.
  • Ensuring that the income and property of the charity is applied for the purposes set out in the governing document and for no other purpose, and with complete fairness between persons who are properly qualified to benefit.
  • Keeping the board informed of its financial duties and responsibilities.
  • Advising the board on the financial implications and operational risk arising from board decisions, especially the board’s strategic and policy decisions.
  • Advising, in consultation with the Chair and the Chief executive on the level, quantity and frequency of financial information and reporting required by the board to allow the board to fulfil its legal and statutory responsibilities and operate effectively.
  • Working with the Chief Executive and Finance Officer to ensure that financial information is both accurate and presented in such a way that facilitates good financial governance.
  • Attending risk committee meetings and assisting with the identification of risks and the upkeep of the risk register

If you would like to apply for this role or request an informal conversation please contact our CEO Emma Scanlan at emma@chainofhope.org or our Finance Manager Dariel on dariel@chainofhope.org.

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