Written by Oroyo Eubanks 8th April 2022

Over the last two weeks, 11 children suffering from heart disease received life-saving heart surgery in Jamaica.

Chain of Hope sent an international volunteer medical team to support the local cardiac team in Jamaica to resume open-heart surgeries at the Jamaica Children's Heart Centre, where operations were put on hold because of the pandemic.

As a result, many of these children have been waiting for over two years for their opportunity to have life-saving heart surgery.

The international volunteer medical team for this trip was made up of Intensivists, ICU nurses and Biomedical engineers from the UK, US and Canada.

In addition to saving the lives of children waiting over two years for surgery, the volunteer medical team also conducted training sessions with the local cardiac team.

We are so happy to work to save the lives of these children in Jamaica who are in need of life-saving heart surgery.

These surgeries are possible because of the generous support from our group of heart menders. Please don't hesitate to contact me to see how you can contribute to saving a child's life or visit www.chainofhope.org/donate.

Category: Overseas Updates

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