Haile's Story


Haile was born a healthy baby boy in rural Ethiopia. Unfortunately he contracted Rheumatic Fever, and as his family could not access the treatment he needed, it developed into Rheumatic Heart Disease, and began attacking the valves of his heart. Find out what happened to Haile in this film or read more here...


Gala Ball 2017!Gala Ball 2017!

17th November 2017

Gala Ball 2017!

This year’s Gala Ball will take place on Friday 17th November 2017, at the iconic Grosvenor House on Park Lane. Each year, our supporters gather to...

Christmas CheerChristmas CheerChristmas Cheer

12th December 2016

Christmas Cheer

With a line-up of readers featuring Rupert Everett, Steven Berkoff and Kimberley Garner, our Carol Concert was sure to be an entertaining night! Our...

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